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Cold Chain Logistics

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Food logistics goes far beyond just warehousing. In addition to offering storage at different temperatures according to the product’s needs, we also offer a wide range of ancillary services. Our facilities are designed to offer logistics agility and efficiency.

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Storage Solutions:

Frozen and chilled
Temperature and humidity control
Dry storage

Value-Added Services:

Bonded warehousing
Weighing and labeling
Inventory monitoring
Truck loading and unloading
Cross-docking and transloading
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Cold Storage
Our temperature-controlled warehouses offer a wide range of services for food storage. We operate with the most modern technology for temperature-controlled food storage, complying with the strictest current health standards.
Cold Storage
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Dry Storage
Many of our facilities also offer dry storage for food. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers, such as retailers, food and seed storage.
Dry Storage
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Port Storage
Our warehouses strategically located in Latin America’s major ports connect our customers to the global food trade. Additionally, our partnership with Lineage Logistics allows us to offer end-to-end solutions through the largest network of temperature-controlled warehouses in the world.
Port Storage
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Other Solutions
We offer a wide range of temperature-controlled services throughout the food chain. Our solutions range from specialized handling services to food service and retail solutions, picking, among others value-added services.
Other Solutions

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