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DMX Logística

Rua Bertolino Serpa, 250, Salseiros
CEP 88317-070 – Itajaí – SC

Acquired by Emergent Cold LatAm in November 2021, in its first investment in Brazil, DMX Logística (https://dmxlogistica.com/) is one of the main companies serving the animal protein industry in the country. Headquartered in Itajaí (State of Santa Catarina), with five branches and 11 operational bases, it operates in several other locations and serves the largest refrigerated ports in the South Region, with its own warehouses at the Itajaí and Navegantes terminals.

DMX Logística employs more than 200 employees and has a modern fleet of more than 400 trucks and trailers in 13 locations, in addition to aggregates, and its services cover railways, cabotage transport and other modes, to serve the largest refrigerated ports in the south of Brazil.

In 2012, DMX Logística installed a unit dedicated to import and export operations in Rondonópolis (State of Mato Grosso) going through the Port of Santos. Its operations also involve multimodal transport – sea, rail and road – for the collection and delivery of containers, which reduces costs for the customer and facilitates the distribution of demand.

Martini Meat

Rodovia BR 277 – km 06
Colônia Santa Rita
CEP: 83215-440 – Paranaguá – PR 

Martini Meat (http://www.martinimeat.com.br/) is one of the leading companies in the cold storage, logistics and added value services market in Brazil and was acquired by Emergent Cold LatAm in November 2021, through its operating subsidiary DMX Logística. This acquisition added four refrigerated warehouses to our growing regional network.

With branches in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, where the main refrigeration terminals in the southern region of Brazil are located, Martini Meat is one of the largest cold storage operators in Latin America. It has 400 employees and operates a network of 74,000 pallet positions and container terminals with refrigerated connections, in an area of almost 69,000 m2, to offer our customers the best levels of logistics service in cold storage, handling and transport.

Martini Meat was founded in 1973 in Apucarana (State of Paraná) and currently has four facilities in the cities of Ponta Grossa (State of Paraná), Itajaí (State of Santa Catarina) and Rio Grande (State of Rio Grande do Sul). Focused on operations with accurate results and creative solutions, it offers an exclusive area of operations planning and control, with highly qualified professionals capable of offering excellent operational support.

Frio Pacífico

Av. Gran Bretaña, 1125
Talcahuano, Chile

The largest provider of cold chain services in Chile, Frio Pacífico (https://www.friopacifico.cl) operates more than 47,000 pallet positions in three facilities located in Talcahuano and San Pedro de la Paz, close to the main ports of Chile, such as Lirquén, San Vicente and Coronel. Acquired in November 2021 by Emergent Cold LatAm, the company started its activities in August 2004, to respond to the needs of the market for the storage of frozen products and associated services.

Frio Pacífico has a high-level logistics infrastructure to provide services to the Chilean market and meet the import and export demands of its customers, with high-level technological resources and qualified professionals to ensure connectivity and real-time information on the handling of goods.

Among many other features, Frio Pacífico has a WMS system designed to suit all the operations it offers. This tool allows complete control of the traceability of products, from reception to dispatch, all in real time, through wireless technology in the execution of assigned processes.


Celta Trade Park, Bodega 125
Autopista Medellín Km. 7
Bogotá, Colombia

Established in 1992 by entrepreneur Gonzalo Diaz, Frigometro operates more than 29,000 pallet positions across four best-in-industry warehouses in strategic locations: Cartagena, Buga, Bucaramanga and Bogotá. Each site offers room for growth, with a 4,000-pallet expansion now coming online in Bucaramanga and several projects planned for later this year. These facilities serve Colombia’s largest ports and metropolitan areas, which permit Frigometro to equally support the domestic distribution market and export activities. The company offers a full range of storage and value-added logistics services such as blast freezing and handling, and also operates a domestic transportation business.

Colombia is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in Latin America. It is the fourth-largest economy and third-most populous country in Latin America, with geographic connectivity to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via four leading port locations. Further, Colombia is an important member of the global food trade, having set a new record in 2021 for total value of food exports.

Bodegas Frias

Carretera Al pacifico km 20 Unisur Bodega D6 Villa Nueva, Barcenas, Guatemala

Bodegas Frias is the largest third-party cold storage operator in Guatemala. Founded in 2006, Bodegas Frias is the clear market leader in the country. Bodegas operates three facilities in Palín, Villa Nueva and Xela (Quetzaltenango), with a total capacity of almost 20,000 pallet positions and additional land for expansion. The facilities are strategically located in the main metropolitan cities in Guatemala. Bodegas Frias offers comprehensive storage and logistics solutions including handling and transport.

Galores Cold Storage

Panama, Panama City Ave. Jose María Torrijos, Las mañanitas

Galores Cold Storage (http://www.galorescold.com/) is the largest cold storage facility in Central America and the Caribbean, with over 20,000 pallet positions. Acquired in September 2021 by Emergent Cold LatAm, the company was established in Panama in 2007, considering the country’s strategic location in the economy and global logistics, and opened its first self-storage facilities in 2009 and 2011.

After two years of research, it decided to build the largest refrigerated warehouse in Central America and the Caribbean for perishable products and opened Galores Cold Storage, a modern, technologically advanced facility with a capacity of over 20,000 pallet positions, which soon became well known in Panama and throughout the region.

Emergent Cold Piura

Piura 20000, Peru

Emergent Cold Piura, acquired in August 2021, operates a state-of-the-art warehouse and plant dedicated to IQF (Individually Quick-Frozen) processing of frozen foods in Peru. It was built with the aim of providing processing services for the fruit industry and storage services for various other commodities.

This strategic investment in Peru marked the entry of Emergent Cold LatAm in Latin America and laid the foundation for its growth in the region by providing food and beverage customers with access to the highest quality cold storage facilities. The objective is to meet the growing demand for end-to-end integrated logistics solutions.

The facilities in Piura have the newest and most advanced processing unit for individually frozen fruit (IQF) in Peru, as well as warehouses with 7,300 pallet positions that serve customers in the north of the country and exporters and importers in the Port of Paita.

Polo Logístico de Frio

Cno. Cibils 6224 esq. Mirungá (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Tugentman, Polo Logístico de Frio operates a single facility located approximately 30 kilometers from the Port of Montevideo, with extensive land for further expansion. The company offers comprehensive storage and value-added logistics services, including bonded storage capabilities.

Uruguay is the third largest beef exporter in Latin America and enjoys strong trading relationships across the globe. The Port of Montevideo is emerging as one the region’s main cargo routes, with three terminals and plans for further expansion.

Emergent Cold LatAm has been integrating its presence in Latin America through the acquisition leaders of cold chain companies on each country. Additionally, Emergent Cold is building the most modern temperature-controlled warehouses in three strategic locations: Puerto Callao, Peru; Duran, Ecuador and Port of Caucedo, Dominican Republic.

These investments place us in fourth position in the industry ranking and show our strategic decision to offer effectively integrated solutions and services to customers in the region, with better results. We will soon announce other acquisitions, as well as constructions, in different countries in the region, in line with our vision of becoming “the leading and most dynamic company in refrigerated logistics in Latin America”.