We are expanding our network of modern, strategically located warehouses in Latin America by acquiring market leaders in those locations or by building new facilities to meet our customers’ storage and service needs.

Our loyal customer base is founded on our flexibility, high level of service and commitment to partnerships that often extend across more than one business unit, supported by our investment in state-of-the-art warehouse technology to meet all customer needs.

In both our new-build and retrofitted warehouses, investment in energy efficiency is key to our ability to offer competitive prices to our customers while also reducing the impact of our operations on the environment.


We operate with the most modern technology for food storage at controlled temperature, complying with the strictest health regulations in force.

Cold Storage

We operate with the most modern technology for controlled-temperature food storage, complying with the strictest health regulations in force. We offer storage at different temperatures, including:

• cold storage

• frozen storage

• temperature and humidity controlled storage

We offer a number of added value services such as:

• order picking or sorting

• bonded warehouses

• weighing and labeling of boxes and units

• inventory management

• import and export procedures

• health inspections

• truck loading and unloading

• crossdocking and transloading


In order to provide all-inclusive solutions to all our customers, we also offer ambient temperature storage, ensuring they can centralize and consolidate their different types of cargo according to their needs.


We operate with the most modern technology in order to make sure your products are safe while they are in our hands. We ensure products are stored at a dry, ventilated, well-lit, moisture free and vermin-proof area.

Our dry storage service is complemented by other adjacent services such as order picking or sorting, weighing and labeling of boxes and units, inventory management, import and export procedures, crossdocking and transloading.


We are present in some of the most important ports in Latin America, as we understand the benefits that well-located warehouses provide our customers.


We have facilities in most of the key ports in Latin America, understanding the importance of well-located warehouses to our customers. A strategically-located refrigerated warehouse in a port opens up an infinite range of possibilities for optimizing logistics across the regional and local supply chain.

With bonded services, these warehouses allow customers to store their stocks close to consumption centers, paying fees and duty only when the product is nationalized. Exporters are also able to obtain significant competitive advantage by storing inventory at the port while the destination of the cargo has yet to be defined. This is the case with our warehouse in the Port of Paranaguá, Brazil, which is mainly providing services to exporters.

A fundamental part of our business strategy is to establish an effective presence in Latin America’s key ports and we are pursuing it aggressively by building new warehouses in Caucedo, Dominican Republic and in Durán, Ecuador. We will soon announce significant investment in warehouses in other ports.


We serve our customers throughout the cold chain, offering solutions such as bonded warehouse, port logistics and foodservice, in addition to providing customized solutions and added value services.

Other solutions

We provide our customers with a whole range of cold chain solutions, including bonded warehouses, port logistics and foodservice, in addition to providing customized solutions and value-added services.

Bonded services

Our customers can keep their inventories in a duty-free environment, giving them the flexibility they need to decide the best time to release products to the market.

Foodservice and retail

We have years of experience providing innovative solutions to leaders in QSR (fast food restaurants), foodservice and retail segments, helping them achieve their goals.

Cross-docking and transloading

With our flexible stock management services, our customers can rapidly adjust supply to demand by accelerating delivery schedules.

Planned inventories

Our partnership with Lineage Logistics allows inventories to be maintained at origin, destination or both.