Food processing is more than just packaging. It involves making the best use of the latest technologies and methodologies to maximize results, keeping food properties intact and preserving their flavor, color and quality.

We use the most advanced processes and technologies to maximize the results of the finished product. To support our customers in expanding their business, we offer solutions such as individual quick freezing (IQF), blast freezing, packaging, repackaging, inspection and many other services. The latest example of our investment in high-quality food processing is our warehouse in Piura, Peru, where we have built a state-of-the-art IQF fruit processing plant and a 7,300 pp cold storage unit to serve our customers.


Our state-of-art Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) installation in Piura ensures that after freezing, your product retains all its natural characteristics (color, shape, smell and taste).

Blast Freezing

You can rely on Emergent Cold to preserve your product’s integrity through fast and safe freezing.

Packing and Repacking

Integrate your packaging and repackaging needs with storage and distribution using our on-site services.


Use our labeling services in all our facilities in Latin America to add value to your product by localizing it to meet the needs of every market.

Import and Export Documentation

We take care of all the documentation required to move your food products across the world.

AEO/OEA Certified Facilities

Our AEO/OEA Certification demonstrates our high standards in all aspects of our operations, including security, traceability, accounting and solvency, while facilitating and expediting your import and export processes.

On-site Inspections Clearance

You can rest assured that whatever your product requires, it will be met while it is in our hands.

Other Services

• Bonded services
• Forward-Deployed Inventory
• Cross-docking and transloading