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Reshaping the future of food chain logistics across Latin America

We have strategically-located warehouses, close to the main urban centers, food production areas and the most important ports in the region, where we offer a wide range of solutions for food logistics in the cold chain.

At Emergent Cold Latin America we understand the importance of an agile and efficient supply chain for our customers, which is why we constantly seek to generate value for them with our innovative, practical and dynamic solutions.

We provide end-to-end cold chain logistics services, valuing full transparency in relationships with our clients and working closely together to find new ways to add value at every stage of the process.

Servicios logisticos


.We offer a range of modern food storage solutions at a variety of temperatures.

transporte de alimentos


We make sure your product is delivered safely and on time.

bodegas de alimentos

Food Processing

We process your food with high-class end technology and methods to maximize product yields.

Other Solutions

Port Logistics
Our goal is to be present in the most important ports across the region, serving the multimodal storage and transloading hub.
Port Logistics
Bonded Warehouse Services
This allows our clients to strategically maintain their inventory in a tax-exempt environment, giving them the option to choose the best time to go to market. Contact us to find where we offer these services.
Bonded Warehouse Services
Through the blast-freezing method, we take the food products from room temperature to -18°C.
Though our cross-docking services, our customers gain agility and flexibility in their logistics, increasing perishable foods’ shelf life and freshness.
Value-Added Services
We offer a wide range of value-added services to the food industry, from labeling to more customized solutions.
Value-Added Services

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