The company

Emergent Cold Latin America is the fourth largest and one of the fastest growing cold storage companies in Latin America. We have the best located assets in the cold chain’s major port terminals and the region’s main metropolitan areas.

We are working hard to achieve our ambition of becoming the largest and most modern refrigerated logistics network in Latin America. With our warehouses located in the main urban centers and the key ports, we aim to meet the growing demand of our customers for modern cold chain solutions for their regional and global trading needs by providing cutting-edge cold chain solutions through our state-of-the-art facilities.

We strive to build lasting and collaborative relationships with our customers sustained by a deep understanding of their needs and strategies, so that we can provide them with long-term, reliable, and efficient services.

With our proven ability to protect and secure products throughout the supply chain we are the natural choice in Latin America. Our high-capacity warehouses, wide temperature range and modern fleet of trucks allow us to offer an integrated, flexible and convenient solution that optimizes the customer service experience.